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…wrath of rap internet descends, Questlove schools him in the comments.

Hi, music world, it’s a REALLY BAD LOOK when you defend your sacred cows in this reactionary, kneejerk manner. Every “classic album” should be eviscerated by a 19-year-old intern to whom it means nothing.


Hello people my age: it is not the job of 19 year olds to validate our youth.

Thank you! I have been seeing a whole lot of outrage about this from writers who fancy themselves big, bad, brutally honest contrarians, but guess what? They’ve become part of the same music-critic establishment as Rolling Stone and its increasingly indefensible Baby Boomer supremacy program. Whether you agree with the article / think it’s well written or not, if you believe that some artists and albums are above reproach, you’re becoming a reactionary. You got to kill the previous generations’ idols; young people (who are, you know, disproportionately under-employed and practically working as slaves to media elders such as yourselves) will never make their own world until they stop worshiping the past and do the same.

There seems to be some peoples who think this is some kind of call-to-arms youth rebellion against old farts thing.

The kid clearly says he prefers Drake to Public Enemy. What part of ‘making your own world’ is that? The part where you’re a consumer of whatever bullshit is on the radio at the moment?

If this doofus had said, ‘Nation of Millions sounds dated to me as a big Death Grips/K-The-I???/B. Dolan/whatever the fuck fan,’ that’s fine, but he prefers corporate beige Bieber—that’s not the anxiety of influence, that’s depressing. Shit, if he’d made a good argument that Odd Future is more relevant than Nation of Millions to kids today, I’d be with that.

Also I really, really hope 10% of the peoples who took the time to express their opinions on this dumb NPR blog post, and other people’s reactions to the reactions, actually buy the new P.E. record. Or any P.E. record. They have one called Fear of a Blake Plant or something that’s supposed to be good.  

You mighta heard your old grandpa playing it on his Victrola before you tossed it out the window, yelling ‘overthrow the canon gramps! Drake is the fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuutuuuure!’

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    yeah she is amzing.simply put.
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    my experience with this sort of thing has to do with people raving about rave period edm tunes, whether they’re acid...
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    I went through the comments expecting to see some mercy for the kid and found none. Jeez people, chill out.
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    is just about as interesting as an average RateYourMusic review, i.e. it tells you something but I’d place it at...
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    Again, yes. And if there’s any bad faith here, it would seem to be on the part of the (paid, experienced) editors who...
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    Someone needs to create a visual representation of an “outrage loaf” ASAP.
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    I thought the piece was OK content-wise: dude likes current stuff, listens to old stuff, finds it isn’t the same/doesn’t...
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    For what it’s worth, I listened to a “It Takes a Nation of Millions To Hold Us Back” for the first time a couple of...
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    I’m applying to intern for NPR in the fall. I’m 19 and its just that if NPR wanted me to use the “omg look how insanely...
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    Yeah, I know, but still
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    There seems to be some peoples who think this is some kind of call-to-arms youth rebellion against old farts thing. The...

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